Creating a reflective community of practice to promote new media integration in the Greek EFL classroom: an online-learning case study

The purpose of this paper is to examine whether an online, reflective community of practice can promote the endorsement of new media pedagogies in the Greek EFL (English as a foreign language) classroom. To this end, a four-month online learning programme addressing the specific needs of nineteen in-service EFL teachers was designed, implemented and evaluated exploring the participating teachers’ digital and reflective practices and attitudes. Moreover, we sought to study whether distance learning training can enhance the community feeling encouraging the exchange of good teaching practices infusing learners’ motivation. The mixed-methods postgraduate research results were promising and revealed the intrinsic motivation of the teachers to learn new web tools, share ideas and pedagogical scenarios within the socio-constructive zeitgeist of foreign language pedagogy, ultimately enhancing their own and their learners’ new literacies and lifelong learning skills. After all, the explosion of online, informal learning outside our schools, and the challenges it holds for our continuous professional development (CPD) is too powerful to ignore.
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