wiki-based process-oriented approach to writing pedagogy in foreign language learning

Wiki is an open source content-oriented platform which can be used in foreign language learning to promote collaborative authoring by enabling learners to create and edit documents online. Its developmental writing mode not only exposes learners to the social dynamics of collaborative writing but also supports the dynamic and recursive process approach to writing. Drafting, revising and editing, all steps of process writing, are easily afforded by the wiki facilities. Due to wiki’s versioning capability, learners can interact with the web page and its content in terms of both linguistic and rhetoric features to produce a writing piece of high quality in the foreign language. Wiki assists learners and minimizes their difficulties in tackling writing, increasing at the same time their motivation and involvement. In this regard, a wiki can serve as a powerful mediator towards fostering foreign language learners’ writing skills by facilitating the process-oriented approach to writing pedagogy.
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