Primary school students as EU citizens: designing a theoretical framework and an online educational game

This paper presents the design steps of an online educational game, addressed to Primary School students (6-10 years of age). Through the game, the students will be able to develop all those elements which characterize an active EU citizen. This activity is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, under the KA2 action (Project acronym WeAreEurope). In this paper, the approach followed in order to construct the underlying theoretical framework as well as the intermediate steps, in the form of decisions made, are presented, reaching the point of presenting a meta-draft game concept. With the term meta-draft we refer to a solid game idea with a draft description of the player’s activities and an overall concrete goal. This activity is still work in progress, now at the point of designing in-game activities in detail. This paper presents an empirical approach to the principals of designing an online educational game, serving as a step by step guide for those wishing to create a similar product.
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