Is game-based assessment more attractive and less stressful for the students than the traditional exams?

Modern learning theories reveal the need to take into consideration and investigate the student’s affective states (i.e. frustration, boredom, anxiety and others) during complex learning activities. This research is trying to detect high arousal, interpreted as intensive affective state or even anxiety, occurring during examinations. Furthermore, it compares students’ anxiety while taking examinations in two ways a) the traditional way and b) playing a serious game. This work may be proved useful in the direction of combining the cognitive - pedagogical models with the educational design beyond entertainment. The affective response during educational activities is a supportive methodology for student and teacher self-regulation strategy. This article describes our broad approach towards a modern educational design and support of learning environments. Our main objective is to loosen the stranglehold student anxiety during the examinations. High anxiety sometimes may be the reason for bad performance. Therefore, we tried to apply a more loosen but interesting and engaging way of taking examinations by playing a serious game.
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