Effects of Cueing with Videotutorials for Software Training

Videotutorials considerably support demonstration-based training where the main goal is to boost procedural knowledge by observing various comprehensible examples of accomplishing a task. Although videotutorials are fashionable nowadays, little attention is given to the design features of an instructional tutorial. Two empirical studies investigated the effects of a cueing strategy on the learning, and mental effort of learners who studied three videotutorials about video editing techniques. A one-way factorial repeated measures design with two levels of cueing (no cueing vs cueing) was used. Participants were students from two departments in a Greek university. The students (N=118) in Study 1 had high levels of prior experience in ICT, whereas the students (N=114) in Study 2 had moderate levels of prior experience. The results revealed main effects of cueing on learning in Study 2, compared to those in Study 1. The discussion proposes several alternatives for improving the effectiveness of videotutorials.
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