Digital serious game based aid program for verbal memory training

Many research data show that the phonological loop of working memory plays an important role in the process of learning new words (Baddeley et al., 1998). The aim of this study was to investigate whether the training of phonological loop has potential beneficial effects on the ability to learn new words. We developed a software program, which through the use of digital implementation aimed to strengthen phonological loop of working memory of the 27 young adults that participated. The application used here, took the form of a pleasant escape game, where participants practiced their immediate verbal memory (phonological loop) by recalling series of numbers. The application followed the typical features of such applications and the scenario of the game placed the player in the role of a burglar who tries to escape from rooms, by memorizing series of numbers. This article presents the evaluation results concerning the usefulness, ease of use, ease of learning, and the users’ satisfaction of the application. The results in each category are positive.
(Πλήθος ανακτήσεων: 25)