Cross-curricular project-based learning approach fostering competences

The key competence acquisition by every young person is one of the long term objectives of the updated strategic framework for European cooperation. Most of the EU Member States are formulating and at least beginning to implement policies that move their school systems from being predominantly input led and subject-oriented towards curricula which include competences, cross-curricular activities, active and individual learning, as well as a focus on learning outcomes. Yet, these developments do not necessarily result in significant, widespread changes in practice – that is, in how schools actually organise and provide learning experiences for pupils. The difficulty is in all cases translating these policies into practice. TRANSIt is a European project that aims to contribute to the enhancement of transversal key competences of students through building teachers capacity for competence oriented education. This paper presents the outcomes from the needs analysis survey on key competence acquisition in Greece, as well as the design and localisation of the TRANSIt Training Framework and environment based on the collected responses and the specifications set from the Greek Curriculum.
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