A digital storytelling game-based distance course for enhancing young learners’ language and critical thinking skills in a foreign language

The present study aimed at exploring the effective use of digital storytelling in a game based, distance learning context. A digital storytelling tool (StoryLogicNet Community) was introduced for the promotion of foreign language (FL) learning and critical thinking skills among primary school students in Greece. More specifically, a sample of 21 fifth-graders participated in an online distance course, where no traditional classroom instruction was included. Learners were assigned into groups for accomplishing collaborative and game-based DS activities during a 4-week time period. Young learners' performance concerning their language and critical thinking skills was examined through qualitative and quantitative research instruments. The analysis of pre- and posttest, teacher’s journals and participants’ responses to interviews revealed that the DS distance course has significantly contributed to the development of their FL vocabulary and their communicative skills, also stimulating their critical thinking ability in a digital environment.
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